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1/9 Motion Masterpiece - NBA x LeBron James Action Figure + 1/9 Basketball Hoop & Rack Early Bird (Ready Stock)

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1/9 LeBron James: RM1199

1/9 Hoop: RM1099

1/9 LeBron + 1/9 Hoop: RM2198


邮寄全马 + 全球

Please do not hesitate to contact us via FB or IG or WhatApps 011-39888827

Product Code: MM-1210

Scale: 1/9

Points of Articulations: 34

Height: Around 9 Inches / 23 cm


- 博物馆品质的 LeBron James 头雕,具有真实的相似性,并带有“多层”油漆应用。

- 专门开发的先进 1/9 比例身体,具有 34 个关节点,准确的外观,有史以来最好的机动性。



   - 8 个 LeBron James 标志性的可互换的手。

  - 1/9 比例 NBA 篮球 x 1

  - 官方 23 号 NBA 湖人队白色球衣配短裤 x 1

  - 白色肘带 x 1

  - 白色护膝 x 1

  - 一双 Official Stance NBA 袜子

  - 一双 LeBron James 运动鞋

  - 1/9 小雕像支架,小雕像可通过磁铁轻松连接

  - NBA 湖人队标志可移动支架板 x 1


- Museum-quality LeBron James head sculpt with authentic likeness, with “multi-layer” paint application.

- Specially developed advance 1/9 scale body, with 34 points of articulations, accurate physical appearance, the best mobility ever.



  - 8 pieces of LeBron James signature interchangeable hands.

 - 1/9 scale NBA basketball x 1

 - Official No. 23 NBA Lakers White Jersey with shorts x 1

 - White Elbow Band x 1

 - White Knee Band x 1

 - A pair of Official Stance NBA socks

 - A pair of LeBron James sneaker

 - 1/9 figurine stand, figurine easily connected by magnet

 - NBA Lakers logo moveable plate for stand x 1



The NBA and individual NBA member team identifications reproduced on this product are trademarks and copyrighted designs, and/or other forms of intellectual property that are the exclusive property of NBA Properties, Inc. and the respective NBA member teams and may not be used, in whole or in part, without the written consent of NBA Properties, Inc.


© 2021 NBA Properties, Inc. All right reserved.

1/9 Motion Masterpiece - Basketball Hoop (OR-1004)

 Product Code: OR-1004

Scale: 1/9


-Reference from the actual size and design of a real basketball hoop, 1/9 Basketball Hoop is one of our innovative product to create endless fun!! Fans may wish to purchase our NBA Collection figurines & the 1/9 Basketball Hoop to simulate an exciting game!


- High-definition transparent acrylic plastic board

- An orange hoop

- The pillar with a high quality metal casting base to secure a stable display. It also has special paint effect applied on, which gives a better texture.

-Plastic elastic sucker x 4

-Black basketball rack x 1

-27cm tall figurine stand

-Sticker x 1

-Replica Orange plastic LED lights decoration x 5


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